Zwischenlandung / Stopover

June 6-30, 2019, TOR-art space, Frankfurt/Main


The stopover session in Frankfurt—the last stop on our first itinerary—envisions  this social space as a base to confer, debate, and enjoy ourselves, while thinking about what's at stake, how questions and agencies have transformed over the last year. A time-out, to synchronize. An occasion to celebrate departed loved ones, to not be alone with memories.  

TOR-art space, the site of our pit stop, was once a gas station; today it is a carrier of metaphors, an intermediate zone for temporal  use before its demolition. A sort of rare b-side of an institution, perhaps? A leftover tolerance on the backside of a streamlined, capitalised inner city. A space we could adopt, reshape and animate for a few weeks, to make a number of things happen—hold an exhibit, compile a library, convene seminars, workshops, a party, talks, screenings, have endless conversations. A working together, attracting others to join.  

During the Exhibition Stopover / Zwischenlandung, a four day-long public gathering (June 20–23) is held in the exhibition space, providing the international participants with an opportunity to meet and to continue working together; it offers a moment of encounter and exchange between locals of Frankfurt and the contributors on their stop over. 

The dense program of presentations and talks, screenings and listening sessions evolves around the associative-conceptual and thematic trajectories of the "stopover". We are creating this program in exchange with the participating guests: the artists of the exhibition Rahima Gambo and Theresa Kampmeier, as well as Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar (The Otolith Group, London), Laura Horelli (Berlin), Temitayo Ogunbiyi (Lagos), Janusch Ertler and Patrick Keaveny; filmmakers  Jihan El-Tahri (Berlin/Dakar), Andy Amadi Okoroafor (Paris/Barcelona), writers and researchers Garnette Cadogan (Boston) and Michael Vazquez (New York), graphic designers Alexandra Papadopoulou and Marie Schoppmann (VERY, Frankfurt/Main), writer, architect and creative technologist Ayodele Arigbabu (Lagos), curators and researchers Antonia Majaca (Berlin), Lily Hall (The Showroom, London), Iheanyi Onwuegbucha (CCA, Lagos), and those who make us listen to music, Robert Machiri (Johannesburg) and Günter Gretz (Frankfurt).

Curated by Annett Busch and Marie-Hélène Gutberlet.