One of the frames of the Women on Aeroplanes project is Woman of the Aeroplanes, the novel.


"Kojo Laing wrote four novels: Search Sweet Country, Women of the Aeroplanes, Major Gentl and the Achimota Wars, his final novel Big Bishop Roko and the Alter-Gangsters, a volume of poetry entitled Godhorse and an utterly amazing short story entitled Vacancy for the Post of Jesus Christ. Women of the Aeroplanes, his second novel, was published in 1988. Critics tend to describe Laing as a magical realist. I would argue that Laing wrote science fiction that desedimented the expectations of what science fiction was and what it is supposed to be. One of the things I most admire is that Laing’s books increased in difficulty. Each of his books demanded more and more from its readers, in the style and the form of its experimentation with language." (Kodwo Eshun, Specific Grammars of Intricate Displacement)

In the next weeks and months we will read, quote, maybe annotate or underline and link Kojo Laing's novel Woman of the Aeroplanes. A loose, widespread reading community will read and typewrite. Typing while reading, reading through transcribing might bring a peculiar attention to these grammars of displacement and different lines of thought. The chapters are called "Classes" therefore you'll find below a slowly growing thread of classes and page numbers in chronological order. Please join ...