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"The Aeroplanes they travel with are real. But sometimes they stand still or land themselves."  (Kojo Laing)


"For the French, independence was as unacceptable as a Moroccan girl pilot. The idea of a girl pilot is as upsetting as the idea of a predicate that is not in its place.”  (Kodwo Eshun)





Every definition is of course also an exclusion... (Lisl Ponger)




The editor is the first spectator





If that is the history that will be handed down to us, then at some point I decided that I need to start understanding the decision makers: Who are they? What are they thinking? What are their relationships?  (Jihan El-Tahri)



One of the really interesting concepts I ran into was the idea that women once engaged in struggle became firmly in the mode of no compromise.  (Jihan El-Tahri)



“A Nation cannot be liberated internally or externally while its women are enchained.” (Doria Shafik)




She is the head of a police unit established to protect women and children from war crimes, abuse and rape in Bukavu...


Let’s be clear about this: If we do not accord women their rightful place, there will be no liberation. Women work a whole lot more than men do, and if work was in and of itself liberating, women who farm fields daily would have long been liberated. — Ousmane Sembène



There is a reason why we are not seated in a university seminar conducting this discussion.  (Kodwo Eshun)



Women of the Aeroplanes is a compendium of grammars of displacement. An anthology of predicates on the move.  (Kodwo Eshun)

inflight01_11Hannah Kudjoe’s disappearance can be understood in terms of agnotology, which Allman defines as the production of ignorance. Allman pays close attention to the practices by which Kudjoe is erased. (Kodwo Eshun)



Now, look again. (Maryam Kazeem)



When I look through my camera at the girls, nothing I see is a hundred percent natural. (Rahima Gambo)




Five years ago, the safety of another square space, a classroom at Shehu Sanda Kyarimi secondary school was intruded on when a Boko Haram gunman stormed in shooting and injuring students and teachers. (Rahima Gambo)



This is farmed land, but I was just mainly struck by the vast numbers of huge anthills that were on this landscape. The text is an account of what happened the day that I took these photographs. (Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa)


What has been interesting about working on Ugandan protectorate history is that it’s not particularly interesting to most people. Nobody really cares about this archive. It’s not sexy, it has no particular political currency. And so in many respects it’s very easy for me to get hold of information because nobody is worried about the consequences. The stakes are so low.  (Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa)


Which books did you always want to read, but never found a copy, the time, the entry point? Karl Marx, Das Kapital.  (Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa)