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During the Cold War and before the independence of her country, Funmilayo Kuti travelled widely and angered the Nigerian as well as British and American Government by her contacts with the Eastern Bloc.



Looking for might lead to research—a search that keeps us attached and that changes the attention’s direction and meaning: to look at something again and again and again until we begin to see.







So, what you are doing—searching for and putting together a story—is bigger than an archive, but we shouldn’t forget that the archive is a tour guide. (Garnette Cadogan)



A few years ago, a lot of people I loved, left the college. Their offices got allocated to others and they wanted to ask cleaners to come take care of it. I told them that I’d take care of it. That experience got me looking for other people that were retiring and didn’t need their papers anymore. (Odun Orimolade)




The women of history and myth that intrigued me: Let me start with Princess Moremi Ajasoro of the Yoruba Kingdom, Queen Idia of the Benin Kingdom, Queen Amina of Zaria. There were also the Yoruba Iyalodes, formidable! Formidable characters like Efunsetan Aniwura, Efunroye Tinubu, and the other Iyalodes of Yoruba culture. These women had guts and power. (Odun Orimolade)



The red structure outlines prison cells. For me, it's been interesting to think about how any gesture that I add to this space is not only in dialogue with what already exists here, but also with the larger conversation of how this space was a prison and now a park—but, is it still a prison? And how do we really challenge the way that we interact and engage with what it has to offer? (Temitayo Ogunbiyi)



Just to stick to Shams Badran, it took me two-three months. I didn’t pick up the phone. I decided not to call him on the phone. Instead, I picked myself up and went to Plymouth and I found him in a hardware store selling lamps and nails. It was a bit of a shock. This was the former Minister of Defence of Egypt! (Jihan El-Tahri)


TheTelephonebook01telephonebook02Ladies_MontreuilLadies_Montreuil02You could call what follows a discourse on method, or you could call it a book report—which was, admittedly, one of my favourite things about middle school. So it’s a review of books, though none of the books I’ll be talking about today are new ... (Michael C. Vazquez)

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