Film Streaming: Behind the Rainbow (expired)

Behind the Rainbow, Jihan El-Tahri, 2008, 138 min. Just use the image as a link to watch the film. No log-in necessary!


You talked about how you build your films by identifying critical turning points. In Behind the Rainbow, one of those is the moment in which the ANC make the decision to leave the structures of apartheid in place for at least 5 years through the so-called ‘sunset clauses’ with the result that, as you say, the people come to understand that the judiciary that threatened democracy will stay in place—they realise that they cannot necessarily expect justice. In other words: the continuity of apartheid beneath the promise to change apartheid creates a contradiction that in turn creates a profound disillusionment.” (Kodwo Eshun in conversation with Jihan El-Tahri, see Inflight Magazine No 5)

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