Visit: Zarmina Rafi

Zarmina Rafi reading her poem "Daily Form"





Painting wasn’t trying to get out of the frame (towards corners or onto the floor)

It was trying to get in (to the people’s living room(s)


SH is an artist who takes photographs of people’s homes

Then she paints using the photographs as studies

Then the people come to buy her paintings to put inside their homes


When the waiter smashed the plates over the customer’s head

He was breaking a form


But when evening ladies perform revolution in the park

Fit bit and tasbeeh in one

They make it contemporary, bringing heaven and earth into the same time zone


In the first episode of the soap, the artist Pakeeza is giving an interview about her work

In subsequent episodes she is often beaten up by her husband

Although over the course of the drama she does gain national recognition in the arts


I was telling a friend that the downstairs neighbor tried to retrieve guavas out of the fruit tree using a viper

I could see it because I was standing on the top floor


My friend said you mean “wiper” with a “w” not a “v”

And I said that’s what I meant but I always imagined it to be with a “v” in my head

it does sound more fabulous to retrieve a guava out of the tree using a snake, instead of an upside-down plastic T that’s rather unbecoming 


Mukhtaran Mai got to walk the Pakistan Fashion Week runway because she was raped



Zarmina Rafi is a Pakistani-Canadian writer and cultural producer. From 2013 onwards she has worked in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. In 2018, she was Assistant Curator of the inaugural Lahore Biennale.

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