Film Streaming: Maman Colonelle (expired)

Maman ColonelleDieudo Hamadi, 2017, DR Congo/France, 72 min. Click on the image to watch the film, no log-in necessary, the film will be available online until the end of the festival, June 28.


Maman is a widow, and a police officer. She has many children, some of her own and some adopted. She is the head of a police unit established to protect women and children from war crimes, abuse and rape in Bukavu – the province of South-Kivu, close to the Rwandan border – and is later transferred to Kisangani, province of Tshopo, DRC. Kisangani was an inferno in the war between Rwanda and DRC – drowned in atrocities, then isolation, silence, and invisibility. Violence continues. It is somehow a miracle that the Unité de la Police Spéciale chargée de la Protection de la Femme et de l’Enfant (PSPFE) has been brought into existence with a personality like Honorine Munyole (another Sister in Law) in charge of it, that the film has been accomplished, and been brought to cinema. (MH Gutberlet, You will come to like this job in Inflight Magazine #1)

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