Visit: Lungiswa Gqunta

The drawings and video come from my latest body of work titled Riotous Assembly taken from the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956.


The Riotous Assemblies Act, Act No 17 of 1956 in South Africa—taking effect 16 March—prohibited gatherings in open-air public places if the Minister of Justice considered they could endanger the public peace. Banishment was also included as a form of punishment. 

Building Mountains

Celebrating the quiet moments of black revolt nestled in homes and in the many places our eyes can’t reach. This is an ongoing site of excavating different methods of collective healing and resistance and acknowledging different spaces of knowledge sharing and production. 

The drawings on wall and paper are meditations and imaginary landscaping on an encounter I had with a few old black and white photographs in the private collection of the Cape Town public library.

Find the full lecture by Bell Hooks here and the song by Qhawekazi Giyose.


Lungiswa Gqunta is a visual artist, born in Port Elizabeth and working in Cape Town. Her practice considers the hidden structures of exclusion and oppression that continue to perpetuate the legacy of colonialism and how this is manifested in different forms of violence. Her work features familiar and domestic objects that are adapted and combined to create tools and weapons, engaging in histories of resistance and highlighting black women who have been overlooked in these narratives.

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