Slow Education: Complexity, Entropy, Information



Listening Session with Martinus Sujikerbujik

For twenty-five centuries, Western knowledge has tried to look upon the world. It has failed to understand that the world is not for the beholding. It is for hearing. It is not legible, but audible. Our science has always desired to monitor, measure, abstract, and castrate meaning, forgetting that life is full of noise and that death alone is silent: work noise, noise of man, and noise of beast. Noise bought, sold, or prohibited. Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise. Today, our sight has dimmed; it no longer sees our future, having constructed a present made of abstraction, nonsense, and silence. Now we must learn to judge a society more by its sounds, by its art, and by its festivals, than by its statistics. By listening to noise, we can better understand where the folly of men and their calculations is leading us, and what hopes it is still possible to have. (Jacques Attali, Noise—The Political Economy of Music)


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Visuals: Martinus Sujikerbujik; Sound Recording & graphic design: Prerna Bishnoi; Technical Set-Up: Tale Vang Ellefsen. Thanks for support: Stian Stakset and Aslak Eide Bø.


... it is a way of perceiving the world



Intro: Perception in 3 Acts



Thus noise as a political parameter, a counter hegemonic vector has ceased to exist. The models of prediction, under the spell of surveillance capitalism, and Big Data are too robust and too massive to be disrupted by noise. It is actually quite the opposite: the surveillance capitalism stack needs noise in order to optimise its predictive performance and capacity.


Conceptualising with and through Pharmakon's Abandon



No past, no Future exists in noise, only the length of the present. What’s left when messages, from the perspective of their (technical) possibility have no potential for any meaning? Immersion. This is a crisis of the intelligible: aesthetics is essential. And noise is the ontogenetic structure of aesthetics.


The World as a perceptive agent, the disruption of a signal: Entropy ++



With the brain as Bayesian machine in predictive coding, the uncertainty principle is periodically provoked: musical messages with high information value, when predicted in the right way also entail aesthetic experience.


A complex song by Aphex Twin ...



... because complexity sits between order and noise