Class One —4—

One day the twins met by surprise at a corner among the sweet-apple avenues, and stared at each other for a full two minutes. Oddly enough Kwaku did not take away his eyes first: he was remembering that when they were small, Kwame used to steal food from his mouth; and he usually forgave him by stealing it back. This now gave him strength to stare.

Class One —2—

Pokuaa will get you! She will produce so much wealth in Tukwan here that not even all the gold of Asante will challenge it! Go to Obuasi, go to Mampamhwe, go to Konongo, go to Obenemasi, we in Tukwan will outstrip you; we go dooo!’ Kwame Atta surged forward with the crowd of Tukwan people, and voices shouting, 'We go dooo, we shall score you, we shall put pepper in your eye, we shall score you!' They demanded an answer from the poised traxcavator. 

Class One —1—

Kwame Atta was the bad twin, and his chin was strong enough to box with, even with the sun on his tongue. He kept his science in his chin. Now, he was so agitated that when he inadvertently picked up a piece of rubbish on the clean streets of Tukwan, he threw himself in the bin instead, with the rubbish motionless in his left footprint. His words misted the tall glass of akpeteshie in his hand: "Save that building there I have lots of love buried under the old stairs! I was leaning over the window-still as a child when it was being built...