Jihan El-Tahri

a true woman on many aeroplanes, is an investigating, tireless questioning propelled force. She makes documentaries and writes books. And she is searching until she found the right person to talk to, the document to read, the turning point, the lost image.

Contributions for the Women on Aeroplanes Inflight Magazines:

The idea of sitting around a negotiating table (No1 p 13-17) / The Telephone Book — How to make use of the archive from a Southern perspective (No2 p 26-29) / Plotting an uninterrupted timeline — A conversation between Kodwo Eshun and Jihan El-Tahri (No5 p 38-41) / Nothing is stopping us except us — Kodwo Eshun and Jihan El-Tahri in conversation with Sue Rabkin (No6 p 22-37).



Big Sister Production

Created in 2004 by documentary Director Jihan El Tahri, BIG SISTER is an independent film production company specialized in documentaries. Our productions focus on Politic, History and social matters dealing with countries from the South.


On the road to pan-Africanism: Terms of Engagement (lecture-workshop Johannesburg, Sept 2018)



A series of lectures and conversations at HKW



Filmography (from icarus films)

Egypt's Modern Pharaohs, 2014, 3 x 56 min

Behind the Rainbow, SA/Egypt/France, 2009, 138 min

House of Saud, Algeria Productions, 2004, 116 min

The Price of Aid, 2004, 55 min

Cuba: An African Odyssey, 2006/2007, 190 min  (BBC production: Part I and II on YouTube, 117 min)

Text Jihan El-Tahri: Strategies to Succeed, feministafrica.net

Regard Croise Sur Le Sida (Viewpoints on AIDS), 2002

Histoire D'un Suicide: Pierre Beregovoy, 2001

54 Heures D'Angoisse, 2000 

Text Gèze Francois: L’assassinat des moines de Tibhirine : vers la vérité ?

L'Afrique en Morceaux: La Tragedie des Grands Lacs, 2000, 104 min (Part I and Part II on YouTube)

Israel and the Arabs, 1998 (a six-part series)

The material that Jihan El-Tahri has collected from the extensive research she conducted for her documentary films has also been published in books by Penguin, including one for which she collaborated with Israeli author Ahron Bregman to document the "50-year war" between Israel and the Arabs. (filme aus afrika)

Holidays in Hell, 1995-1998


Algerie: La Vie Malge Tout, Abortion in IrelandThe Spiral Tribe: Rave Parties in UKVoleurs D'OrganesLe Coran et la KalashnikovEnfance EnchainéeLe Jour de Drapeau, Do They Feel My ShadowThe Fundamental QuestionsArafat: Behind the MythTerrorismHeaven Can Wait