JOHANNESBURG/VIRTUAL (Public Hearings Online Festival)  |   LAHORE (LB02)   FRANKFURT/MAIN  (Stopover/Zwischenlandung)  |   WARSAW (Niepodległe)  |   LONDON (The Showroom),  BAYREUTH (Resonate)  |   LAGOS (Looking for Colette Omogbai)  |   BERLIN (Editing Room).



Public Hearings—Online Festival (June 2020)

With the Public Hearings Festival, Women on Aeroplanes touched down in virtual ways out of and towards Johannesburg. READINGS, CONVERSATIONS, FILM STREAMINGS, VISITS, MIXTAPES, ARCHIVAL MATERIAL became a web that reflects and addresses issues of law, rights, legislation, and legality..... . Continue reading and see also Inflight Magazine #6.



Lahore/LB02 (February 2020)

Women on Aeroplanes got invited to the Lahore Biennale 02, with a reprint of all four Inflight Magazines and the installation of a wallpaper. We turned the public event/presentation into an editorial meeting. Continue reading and see also Inflight Magazine #5.



Stopover/ Zwischenlandung (June 2019)

During the Exhibition Stopover / Zwischenlandung ar TOR-art space, Frankfurt/Main, a four day-long public gathering is held in the exhibition space, providing the international participants with an opportunity to meet and to continue working together; it offers a moment of encounter and exchange between locals of Frankfurt and the contributors on their stop over. Continue reading and see also Inflight Magazine #5.



Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw: Niepodległe (Oct 2018 -Febr 2019)

The exhibition Niepodległe: Women, Independence and National Discourse examined the role played by women in 20th-century narratives of national liberation. Continue reading and see also Inflight Magazine #4.



The Showroom, London (Oct 2018 - Jan 2019)

Women on Aeroplanes presented new work by artists Lungiswa GquntaPamela Phatsimo Sunstrum and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, observing the largely unrecognised role of women in struggles for liberation, their participation in transatlantic networks, and their key voices in revolutionary socio-political movements that helped to achieve post-colonial nation-states in Africa. Continue reading and see also Inflight Magazine #4.



Resonate: Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth (June-Dec 2018)

Women on Aeroplanes had installed a relais, a resonating cavity in which moments of the project were touching base with questions addressed to the archive and the politics of collecting. Continue reading and see also Inflight Magazine#3.



Search, Research: CCA, Lagos (May 2018)

Looking for Colette Omogbai initiated a search that is going way beyond the actual person, Colette Omogbai, a promising Nigerian female artist in the 1960s who vanished from the art scenery soon after. See also Inflight Magazine #2 and #3.



Editing Room, ifa-Galerie Berlin (Dec 2017)

Three intense days of editing—of cutting, assembling, juxtaposing, of rearranging ideas, images, concerns, misunderstandings, fragments of storytelling and histories—lead to dedicated discussions, included lectures, presentations, conversations. See also Inflight Magazine #1.