Is it the Sea?

One song in a loop. Carried to a place where it could belong to. Tested in various ways, stretched over a few hours, until it gets dark and a choir takes over. Chosen and facilitated by Lisa Størseth Pettersen.



Is it the Sea?

The first light's kissed my eyes--it's time to breathe
The shearing wind that strips the flesh from me
So grab your weathered skins and boots and go
Is it the hell i fear or is it the sea?

The working world's asleep an hour or more
The barmen from the anchor calls the score
Jack sings the sea-song, chills me to the score
Drink up as it's time to lock the door

Well, fifteen years have passed, i'm still aboard
Now i brave the chaos of my family
And all i think of is a world ashore
Is it life i abhor? is it the sea?



Well, the pain is dulling out a generation by
And music fills my bones again, at last
And pride inflates my chest and the tears come to my eyes
To hear my children's children cry

And i have often said
That i would like to be dead
In a shark's mouth


With warm breath going under
From woman sending thunder
On two parts south

And love is stripped and frayed
And duty is delayed
Until next life

And someone has my mind
Holding it so kind
Though it is my wife

And my home is the sea
My home is the sea
Look not for me


Because my home is the sea
Disaster flies upon me
And i scream

And you can see the house lights
Colored from the distance
For a party is dream

And tumble into me
My arms unfold these seeds
Cause i am a strong man

And god i love my tummy
It's round and firm and funny
Cause that's what i am

And my home is the sea
My home is the sea


And i am under your spell
You will have me i reckon
And the drowning of this town
Is a drowning that i welcome

And i know nothing and am overjoyed
I know nothing and am overjoyed
I know nothing and am overjoyed

Well, god gave you life and thought
And now it's ours to waste
I have the finest love
And the finest of tastes
And with the sea in my lungs
I am home